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IDEAS Summer School (G2-3)

English Language Learning

Artistic Thinking

Natural Science


Learning should both exciting and ubiquitous. IDEAS Summer School adapted a learner-centered, interest-driven approach, which invites campers to begin their journey of academic explorations with joy, self-motivation and fulfillment.



  • Applies a "learning through play" approach, with the aim to inspire curiosity and sustained attent

  • Cultimate an exploratory learning environment with an emphasis on interdisciplinary problem-based learning (PBL)

  • Provides supportive scaffolding, comprehensive performance evaluation and camper feedback check-ins

Workshop Themes

Biological Sciences X Game Design

Campers explore life's and earth's extreme and design a set of logically accurate games.

Environmental Sciences X Theater Art

Campers learn about climates and plate tectonics and demonstrate their growth through a self-produced theater piece.


Dates: 2023.7.02-7.13 | 7.16-7.27 7.30-8.10

Location: Changshu UWC China

Fee: ¥29800/camper 

Capacity: 30 campers per session

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